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do cinnamon buns have buddha nature?

“I’m feeling light this morning” I reported to my café friend, “but why, I couldn’t tell you. No lottery win, not in love, no conventional Good News I could cite to explain this state. In fact, I’m still reeling from the loss of the hospice job.”

How is it, we mused, that some (!) people tend to lean towards the dark and disastrous side of living? Why is feeling ok or happy or light met with such suspicion? Is that what the Buddha referred to as dukka (from Sanskrit, for suffering or unsatisfactoriness)? And that it’s the core of existence and that we can recognize and, through practice, see past it?

At core, everything is without, is empty, my friend proposed, before we are born, after we die, even in the next moment: there’s nothing there until we make it into something. 

Are you talking about the stories we devise to define ourselves, our so-called small self?

Yeah, the projects, disasters, dreams, losses, and what-have-you that push and pull us through life. There’s neither happiness nor unhappiness, there just IS. Well, that’s what I think right now.

Zen teachers sometimes call it thusness or buddha nature: the true, immutable, and eternal nature of all beings.

Sounds good to me. D‘you wanna split a cinnamon bun?

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  1. Of course cinnamon buns have Buddha nature. Couldn’t you taste it?

  2. i tasted it briefly. then it was gone. where did buddha nature go to?

    o well. BTW: the heading alludes to Joshu’s famous Mu koan which is often given to Zen disciples as their first koan: A monk asked master Chao-chou, “Does a dog have Buddha-nature or not?” Chao-chou said, “Wu” (Japanese, “Mu,” translates as “absence,” “has not,” and “nothing”).
    what’s a koan?ōan

  3. okay it’s late at night, we’re talking cinnamon buns and dogs. It reminds me of a Zen joke (you’ve probably heard it) What did the Buddhist say when the hot dog vendor asked him what he wanted on his hot dog.

    He replied, “make me one with everything.”


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