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75The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has called for a day-long, global hunger strike in solidarity with the planet’s one billion people who do not have enough to eat, ahead of next week’s World Summit on Food Security.

Beginning early Sunday morning, I will not eat for 24 hours. Kindly sign a world-wide petition to goad to the 120 world leaders at the Summit to “walk the talk.”

FYI: Looking for a website that helps educate while attempting to combat world is a charity website that allows users to play an interactive vocabulary game where each correct answer allows 20 grains of rice to be donated through the United Nations. I played for 15 minutes, learned a few new words, and caused 1800 grains to be donated.

Links: Learn more about hunger in the world by visiting FAO’s “Hunger portal”: Monitor the global food situation: Make a donation to support small-scale community food production projects: Follow the Hunger Summit via Web cast and photo galleries, starting 16 November:


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