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ven. sonaAnagarika Jotiko is affiliated with Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery (Sitavana) near Kamloops BC. Starting in November, he’s seeking suitable abode(s) for one month or longer—ideally in or near a forest or park, with basic shelter (access to bathroom and kitchen). He’ll consider shelter in concrete jungles of cities as long as the space is clean, quiet, and safe; he can share space and expenses. His travelling period is scheduled to last six months.

Jotiko has accepted the roof of my Galiano Island “for sale” house, as well as that of my Victoria home when I go on monastic retreat in December. In between times, especially if and when Galiano is sold, I recommend Jotiko’s offer to you. Here’s a low-maintenance man on a spiritual path who will bring tranquility and contemplation to your home. His needs are simple and his services broad. You might well enjoy hosting him for a while; your children would have lots to tell at school. Think of it as an act of pure generosity: to him, yourself, and all beings.

For details, kindly click the bar at the top of the page. Thank you.

image: This is a photo of Ven. Ajahn Sona, the abbot of Birken Monastery; as soon as I receive a photo of Jotika, it’ll be posted as well. 


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  1. Hi:

    I could offer accommodation for the wandering hermit. I have a large wooden house surrounded by 120 acres of fields and forest. Snowshoe and ski traiils allow for great fun. This is in Smithers, “northern” BC.

    I am a beginner Tibetan Buddhist student. (3 years) and could benefit from more engaged practice.

    I look forward to hear back on this.


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