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hello again. This has been the longest break in over two years of posting. It’s been a bit hectic for me, speaking German again, waking up 3 am wide awake due to jet leg, visiting a different branch of the family each day … and coping with the stench of cigarette smoke. There’s no-smoking in public places, trains, restaurants, etc. but at home, at least among my people, smoke continues to invade clothing and lungs — but a small price to pay for being able to bathe in the mellowing of sentiments, openness to hugs and kisses, and intimacy when it comes sharing and listening. Aging may be one explanation, another the recent death after a heart transplant at age 38 of the mother of the Grade 2 child who insisted that Uncle Peter walk her to school: how do you do? she asked in her best Englisch while hovering at my bedside at 6 o’clock this morning, ready to give me the drawing she’d made even earlier.  
A wanderer,
let that be my name —
the first autum chills.
~adapted from a haiku by Matsuo Bashõ (1644-1694)

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  1. Thanks for popping in to give an update! It sounds like lots of love all the way around. So sorry for the loss of your relative… must be very hard on her little girl. And how nice that she has you to draw pictures for… what a blessing for you both.

    • dear april, i was touched by the intimacy between father and daughter. we went out to dinner and she snuggled up to him … later she included me in the closeness, especially when she asked me to read a bedtime story. very sweet. the deceased mother/wife was never mentioned (and i took my cues from them). i could feel her everywhere, since i didn’t experience her gradual decline and year-long hospital stay. my memories go back 3 years when she was still alive.


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