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auf wiedersehen

SchoenbergI’ll be away from home for the next two weeks, first visiting family all over Germany and then spending a week alone in the Austrian capital of Vienna. I envisage a night at the State Opera (Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte is playing), meandering “pedestrians only” side streets, taking the odd day hike into the Vienna Woods, searching a few of the city’s 50 cemetaries for graves of the famous (e.g., Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert) and lesser mortals, looking at the funky Hundertwasser Haus, seeking quiet refuge in ornate churches and art museums, and — most importantly — idling away endless hours reading international coffee housenewspapers, adoring patisserie, and plotting to save the world in one of the grand coffee houses where your beverage is served in fine china by a slighty-arrogant waiter wearing black vest, bow tie, and long white apron who won’t give his name nor ask for yours, won’t expect you to bus your own dishes, and discreetly accept your tip without reference to karma or his children’s college fund. 

At least that’s the plan. Who knows! I promise to write on this blog whenever I come near an internet café. May you be happy.

images: modern composer Arnold Schönberg’s grave (top), traditional Kaffeehaus.


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  1. Have a great time! Your presence is already missed on the unit.

  2. Oh, please have an espresso for me! I had to LOL with reference to the tip comment… you know your coffee shops well, my friend. 🙂

    It sounds like a dream vacation… hope you have a fabulous time and looking forward to the occassional post from … somewhere!

    Blessings on your trip.


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