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opening the hand of clinging

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open windowThe Buddha’s fourth Noble Truth speaks of ways that lead to the cessation of suffering. They involve embracing what is and letting go of what I’d like it to be. A few times I’ve been able to fall into this embrace — such joy! And after that, back to practice: two steps forward and one back. More deeply-seated resistance may take a lifetime or two. “When we let go of our conceptions,” says Kosho Uchiyama (1912-1998/9),

“there is no other possible reality that what is right now; in that sense what is right here and now is absolute, it’s undeniable. Not only that, this undeniable reality is at the same time the reality of life that is fundamentally connected to everything in the universe. This is undeniable reality. The truth to be derived from this is that right now is all-important.”

source: Uchiyama, K. (2004). Opening the hand of thought. Translated &  edited by Tom Wright, Jisho Warner, and Shohaku Okumura. Boston: Wisdom Publications, p.12.


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  1. Beautiful! I find my best moments for embracing what is happen when I’m in nature. The rest of the time….not so much, but I am working on it. :0)


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