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fear of the feminine

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fem mascThis continues yesterday’s post on re-uniting the inner masculine and the feminine — beyond male and female, beyond sexual attraction, beyond longing for birth mother. Towards the end of his life C.G. Jung said, “Woman is a very, very strong being, magical. That’s why I am afraid of women.” To which Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee adds this:

If we are to make a creative relationship with the inner feminine we must acknowledge that fear. In myths a virgin … is often held captive. In  previous ages the hero’s quest involved slaying the dragon. Man needed to free himself from his instinctual drives and fearsome power of the Great Mother. Only then could he find his … individual feminine self.

… A man who remains … imprisoned always looks for a mother figure — for him all women are identified with the mother. In this state there can be no individual creative relationship with the unconscious. In order to realize his own individual relationship to the inner and outer feminine, he must free the virgin, his own pure feminine self.

source: Vaughan-Lee, L. (2003). Catching the thread: sufism, dreamwork, and Jungian psychology. Inverness, CA: The Golden Sufi Center, pp.124-125.


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