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why are we not more alive?

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br. davidBrother David Steindl-Rast, a contemporary Benedictine monk and interfaith peacemaker, offers this reply:

The answer is one word: fear. One thing is at the root of everything that distorts or destroys life–and that is fear. We are simply afraid to be alive. Why are we afraid to be alive? Because to be alive means giving ourselves, and when we really give ourselves, we never know what’s going to happen to us. As long as we keep everything nicely under control, everything purpose-directed, everything in hand, there’s no danger, but no life either.

source: Steindl-Rast, D. (2008). Common sense spirituality. New York: Crossroad Publ. Co., p.33.


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  1. Irene Monroe

    Yes, A Course in Miracles teaches that our emotions come from either love, or fear.
    If what I am thinking brings me peace, I know I am in love. If my thinking finds me chaotic, angry, judging, attacking, defending, I know I am coming from fear.


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