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being a vehicle of kindness

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Further in this ongoing exploration of what it means to serve:

hands with giftWhen our models of who we are fall away, we are free simply to meet and be together. And when this sense of being encompasses all–one another, the park, the rain, everything–separateness dissolves and we are united in compassion.

Helpful Being, then, is the goal. What we have to offer others will come from our sense of unity. So we look for and cherish those experiences in which we feel ourselves connected to all things in the universe. … Or in service itself–comforting a crying child, reassuring a frightened person, bringing a glass of water to a [patient]–when you feel yourself to be a vehicle of kindness, and instrument of love.

There is more to the deed than the doer and what’s been done. You yourself feel transformed and connected to a deeper sense of identity.

source: Dass, R. & Gorman, P. (1987). How can I help? Stories and reflections on service. New York: Knopf, pp.38-39.

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  1. “What we have to offer others will come from our sense of unity” how very true.

    If we are inwardly divided, for example, by bias or the stereotypes we carry we may be closed, unable to see past our mental block and act with compassion when faced with the plight of another.


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