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midwives to the dying

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handsThe Metta Institute’s End-of-Life Care Practitioner Program is a direct response to an increasing public demand for more flexible options, alternative and improved services near the end of life. New approaches are needed that respect choice, honor personal integrity, and reclaim the spiritual dimensions of dying.

I completed the program in 2006 and have been working in end-of-life care ever since; first as volunteer in a palliative care hospital unit and currently, for more than a year, on the spiritual care team of Victoria Hospice. I’d be glad to respond to your questions after you’ve visited the Institute’s website. Here a few excerpts from the program brochure:

The End-of-Life Care Practitioner is a well-informed practitioner that can educate about the existing options without being restricted by a single model. As an advocate they assist clients in determining how to best use services, support, and relationships to meet their individual wishes near the end of life. As a skillful guide they can accompany, counsel, and explore the transformational process of dying.

EOL Care Practitioners are pioneers, change agents, intermediaries helping to return the soul to care giving. They blend ancient wisdom with contemporary expertise. They are practitioners who heal by listening, counsel by exploring, and guide by accompanying.

We are interested in candidates from differing professional disciplines and spiritual traditions. People who think outside the box. Those excited by the benefits of learning with like-minded peers. Individuals committed to live and work in accord with their highest values. Practitioners dedicated to transforming end-of-life care. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.


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