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body with open heart

Further to yesterday’s post:

For in my flesh I shall see God.
~Book of Job

There’s a growing field of investigation along the frontier where science and spirituality meet. You may have read about experiments where Buddhist meditators are placed in MRI scanners to see what happens in the brain when compassion and happiness are activated. Similar research conducted under controlled conditions is looking at prayer and intention, relationship between mind and body, yoga, energetic healing, various methods of meditation, and other “technologies of the mind.”

Meanwhile, I find yesterday’s experience on the massage table echoed in the words of researchers from the Institute of Noetic Sciences, who set out to explore what facilitates transformations (moments that dramatically change one’s life, perhaps forever), regardless of the practice or belief or circumstances they sprang from. They write:

Although transformation results in changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, the actual process doesn’t require changing these things directly. [Based on our research} it is our perception that consciousness itself does not change. Instead, it is our perception of consciousness that changes. Said in another way, who you are “authentically” doesn’t change–rather, the false selves are shed and buried elements of yourself are retrieved and integrated, your expression of your self aligns with who you truly are. Thought patterns, attitudes, behaviors, and ways of being in the world that are incongruent with your core self may drop away.

source: Schlitz, M.M. et al. (2008). “Living deeply: the art and science of transformation in everyday life”  in: Measuring the immeasurable: the scientific case for spirituality. Bolder, CO: Sounds True, p. 450.


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