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homer birthday


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  1. have a good one, homer…

  2. a birthday cannot be “just another day”
    it is the day You came into this world
    starting that day you began to touch the lives of others

    On your birthday I wish you happiness;
    When you blow out the candle(s) I hope all of your wishes come true.
    May each hour and minute be filled with delight

    • thank you, mille grazies, vielen Dank … not another day and yet …

      just returned from Emergency after a run-in with a Volvo which had me flying clear over the handlebars, landing in the middle of a 5-lane street (Fort), and having my lower arm run over by Michelin tire. Aside from scrapes, bruises, and bike damage … i’m fine, really!

      • Happy Belated Birthday…you and I actually share the same day…I have come across your blog through meeting people at the store I work at on the weekends and we were discussing Queenswood and the meditation on Sundays that you lead…I am interested in attending and have been interested in this for a while but just never have done it. Hope to see you one Sunday soon.


  3. Peter, we are all thinking about you here and hoping your injuries heal quickly. This feels like a bit of a deja vu doesn’t it? Take care and Happy Birthday anyway!

  4. I wish you the presents a peaceful spirit and quiet mind on the anniversary date of when you entered this temporal world to learn your lessons….

    Hope the injuries do not distract from the peace and joy of the day

  5. happy birthday, dear p… and yikes, what a way to celebrate! i wish you happiness and good health and safe pedaling.

    • yes, what a birth-day … may say more in next post. good night all! thank you for the kind wishes, the good advice, and the meals on wheels. peter


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