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Again and again, I’m amazed to see how things are inter-connected. Yesterday I wrote (as I’ve done before) about welcoming everything and to wake-up to what’s right in front of me. This in contrast to my tendency to search high and low for answers — only to wake up (occasionally) and find the truth right here, in the middle of the mess or at the centre of suffering. Pema Chödron speaks to this:

PemaLife’s work is to wake up, to let the things that enter into the circle wake you up rather than asleep. The only way to do this is to open, be curious, and develop some sense of sympathy for everything that comes along, to get to know its nature and let it teach you what it will. It’s going to stick around until your lesson, at any rate.

You can leave your marriage, you can quit your job, you can only go where people are going to praise you, you can manipulate your world until you’re blue in the face to try to make it always smooth, but the same old demons will always come up until you’ve finally learned your lesson, the lesson they came to teach you.Then those demons will appear as friendly, warmhearted companions on the path.

source: Chödron, P. (2001). The wisdom of no escape. Boston: Shambala, p.32


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  1. Yes, yes, yes. So much what I am experiencing right now. In fact I think our blog posts echo each other today, in the spirit of if you don’t hear the teaching it follows you around kind of way. It sticks close by like a wise sage until you get it some where in your blood and bones. I am working on my present koan, figuring out how to weave a welcome mat for guests I normally prefer to lock the door to.

    • yes yes … those darn preferences. each unwanted guest comes ready to bring us a gift. however much we prefer to duck behind the sofa and remain unseen from the window, sooner or later we stand up, straighten our robe, open the door, and face that which awaits us. what a relief when it finally happens. thank you, carole.


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