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about lip enhancement.

Seeing this ad in a local paper made me think: what if I got my lips done, what would (have to) come next? The shape of my nose has never pleased me (“Rhinoplasty–for an improved self-plastic surgeryimage and more self-confidence when your nose harmonizes with other facial features”), my eye lids are getting heavier by the day (“Blepharoplasty–bring that sparkle back to your eyes and stop co-workers from asking why you’re looking so sad”), my double-chin is looking more like a triple-chin (“Mentoplasty to help you enhance your entire facial appearance by sculpting your chin into a more desired and attractive form”), and let’s not mention the ever-expanding midriff, hips, knees, and flanks (“Liposuction for contouring localized areas of fat; patients speak with enthusiasm of plastic surgery2their newly-contoured body areas”).

What’s the point of all this -plasty? Who is suffering so much that they would consider spending hundreds and thousands of dollars and endure agonizing and awkward weeks of recovery to … what? To look differently on the outside and emerge feeling better on the inside as well? I’m not arguing against cosmetic surgery: that’s clearly a personal choice. I am worried, however, that someone would gamble short term gains (“looking and feeling better”) only to suffer in the long term when perfection eludes them. 

Sooner or later we have to come to terms with “what is.” Welcoming the way we are, the way we look, and the way we feel is a crucial point on the journey of discovery towards our True Beauty. For most mortals the issue arises continually–certainly each time we doubt our self-worth, compare ourselves with others, or listen too deeply to the voice of our Inner Critic.

The great gate is open, but travellers seek everywhere. 
~Zen saying

Please remind me of the wisdom in this simple statement the next time you hear me doubting my inherent beauty and goodness. Thank you.


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