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monkey swinging… even monkeys fall out of trees.
Japanese proverb


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  1. I have been catching up with your blog tonight by reading backwards. This entry and the May 22nd on acceptance have been particularly meaningful to me. I had surgery in April and 7 weeks later am still “not my usual self.” This has been very troublesome to me although everyone I work with displays patience with me. (More than I give myself.)

    I am trying to take in and accept my fear that I may never be the same energetic woman of before and let them go. Living in the moment and doing your best at that moment without comparison to anyone including your previous self and forgiving yourself for errors seems like it should be easy, but it is the hardest lesson for me to learn. Thank you for these reminders that we are all imperfect at times.

    • yes, dear beth, it “should” be easy … so the ego/self wishes it. sometimes it seems as if we’re fighting with your selves, hoping for reason to prevail. they key to THAT enigma, I find, is to cease fighting and to open myself to the unknown, the fearful. then the need to forgive myself (and others) dissolves. peter


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