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let fear be my teacher

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I’ve touched on this living-in-the-future habit before, this imagining of what might happen and then re-acting as if it were a given fact. I’ve done that all my life. What is gradually changing is my awareness of this habitual behavior. A good first step. So, instead of blithely indulging the daydreaming habit or (in knee jerk fashion) resisting or fighting it, I’m learning to get to know its nature. Guided by the motto to welcome everything, I’m observing and treating whatever arises with loving kindness. 

If it persists, I know to begin a gentle exploration (although I don’t do it as often as I could!). That’s where meditation comes in: following my breath I gently scan my body from top to toe, seeing where there’s holding, contraction, tension. Chances are  that fear–my not-always-best-friend residing at the man-meditating1root of 99% of projections–manifests itself as a bodily sensation. From there, the exploration–again and again via the breath instead of the thinking mind–may reveal underlying needs crying for attention.

All this is not do-it-yourself psychoanalysis, but a determined turning inward, peeling away one layer of the proverbial onion after another. Putting aside the wish to fix, we’re invited to enter the unpredictable stream of existence which, strangely, stems from and flows towards our own Truth. (Apologies for mixing of metaphors.)

p.s. there’s a fine post on this onion-peeling over at ZenDotStudio.

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  1. timely reminder. thank you.

  2. ~NP writes:

    Our first relationship with a member of the opposite sex (typically our biological parent of the opposite sex) has far reaching implications on the relationships we form with members of the opposite sex throughout the course of our lives.

    Deep hugs to your inner child.

    The paths to love, to trust … to your heart. well you know the answer to that one. Path are made by walking.


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