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sunday poem (leonard cohen)

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While sitting in yesterday’s café, I pondered the impermanence of everything, including what I used to think of as my ability to cause sparks to fly. Stopping to make an appointment at the optometrist’s next leonard-cohen-hat1door, the young woman at the desk told me that I looked young for my age–until she realized, with a blush, that she’d miscalculated my birth date by 20 years.

India is filled
with many
exceptionally beautiful women
who don’t desire me
I verify this
every single day
as I walk around
the city of Bombay
I look into face after face
and never once
have I been wrong

source: Cohen. L. (2006). Book of longing. McClelland & Stewart, p. 162.


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  1. of the young woman’s mathematics skills…no comment

    None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm. – Thoreau

  2. … enthusiasm has its own rhythm, like the ocean: near the surface smooth at times and choppy at others, while in its depth, deep strong and steady.


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