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safe drinking water “not a human right”

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One of the three tenets of the Zen Peacemakers is to “bear witness.” For this reason I occasionally veer from this blog’s emphasis on end-of-life care and related spiritual topic.

The CBC reports that an international conference ended today in Istanbul with a statement that recognizes access to safe drinking water as a “basic human need,” but not a “human right.”  The lack of binding protocols at the forum, held every three years to safeguard the world’s freshwater supplies, prompted about 20 dissenting member countries to issue their own declaration, defining safe drinking water as a human right.  The United States was one of three countries who blocked the “human right” wording.

water-bottle-drinkingMore than a billion people lack access to clean water, and 2.5 billion are without water for sanitation, the UN estimates.

Coinciding with the United Nations’ World Water Day, the conference was attended by delegations from 150 countries … including such international water-distribution giants (“stakeholders”) as Coca ColaSuez Environment and Veolia Water.

source: excerpted from CBC News

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