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not ready to die, lord

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crossPeople who are religious are more likely to choose life-prolonging care when they are near death, a study suggests. Researchers looked at 345 patients with advanced cancer, focusing on their use of “religious coping” at the start of the study, and whether they received intensive medical care during their last week of life. In the study, more than half of participants said they prayed, meditated or studied religion daily.

Patients who reported a high level of positive religious coping were about three times as likely to receive mechanical ventilation and life-prolonging care than those who disclosed a low level of coping through faith, the team reported in Tuesday’s issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The findings suggest that religious beliefs dictate the use of aggressive care.

source: based on a report on CBCNews


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  1. I wonder if that could be related to religious issues regarding beliefs about the end of life (eg when is a person really dead) rather than/in addition to “not being ready to die”?


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