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By “found” I mean that I reached for a book of poetry from the bookshelf and, finding the works of Hafiz, “the great Sufi master,” I opened a page at random and now send you this. Our days are just too long and filled with information and sensations for me to write a proper blog post. This may have to wait till I return to Victoria. Meanwhile, I offer this, with a bow:

A pair
Of mismatched newlyweds,
One of whom feels very insecure,
I keep turning to God

source: “Mismatched newlyweds” in Ladinsky, D. (trans.) (1999). The gift: poems by Hafiz the great Sufi master. Penguin Compass, p. 40


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  1. …On a journey of the heart
    There’s so much to see
    And when the sky is dark
    you will be right here

    – BLISS kissing lyrics

  2. Well found peter…love to you.


  3. No request nor expectation
    only the vivid chaos of the year
    and the shade the trees give off
    to every saint and skeleton
    thinking if I could bend
    and perform the transformation
    of just being here
    in solidarity with the sky
    while a dog nips at my heels
    and a blue-bird flies right through
    the eye of the needle
    O look
    the August leaves so dark now
    they are almost black
    here on the sandy ground where I wait
    as if you were calling

    – Untitled, Patrick O’Connell

  4. found – a few days later – with gratitude.


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