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cultivating presence: training in compassionate end-of-life care

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Metta Institute in San Francisco under the guidance of Frank Ostaseski is inviting applications for a new 6-day residential training retreat. “The dynamic course features key elements of the renowned End-of-Life Care Practitioner Program. Our core faculty blend years of experience as leading teachers in contemporary psychology and contemplative wisdom practices. They offer a fresh and integrated approach to the practical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the dying experience that goes well beyond the traditional medical models.

“Designed predominantly for healthcare professionals, educators, hospice workers and clergy, this training is also open to volunteers and family caregivers who cannot attend our longer program. The training is a unique opportunity for professional and personal development and to benefit from the support of like-minded peers.


“Offered in a retreat format, mindfulness meditation forms the foundation of our work together. The training builds essential clinical competencies, strengthens individual capacity for compassionate service, and enhances spiritual development. We emphasize experiential learning and pragmatic application in the participant’s life and role as a caregiver.

“Our day will include several periods of silent awareness meditation, a daily practice of mindful movement silent, lectures by faculty, experiential exercises to evoke and integrate course material, journaling and heart to heart conversation.”

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