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the witness

This relates to yesterday’s post below. Ken Wilber writes:

wilber“The Witness is a huge step forward, and it is a necessary and important step in meditation, but it is not ultimate.  When the Witness or the soul is finally undone, then the Witness dissolves into everything that is witnessed.  The subject/object duality collapses and there is only pure nondual awareness, which is very simple, very obvious.”

source: Wilber, K. (1997/2000). Grace and grit: spirituality and healing in the life and death of Treya Killam Wilber. Boston: Shambala.

Publishers Weekly review of Grace and grit: “Ten days after transpersonal psychologist Wilber married Terry Killam in 1983, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This harrowing account of her losing battle against disease is unusual in several respects. Killam (who changed her first name to Treya) shared her husband’s belief in the “perennial philosophy” of the world’s wisdom traditions embracing rebirth, enlightenment and the all-pervasiveness of Spirit. Her condition tested their faith simultaneously. Her lengthy, candid journal entries, interwoven with his narrative, form a tremendously moving love story. Killam, who died in 1989, combined orthodox treatment with such alternative therapies as diet, meditation and psychotherapy. Wilber disputes the imputed New Age view that mind alone causes all physical illness. He intimately participated in his wife’s ordeal, and here presents cancer as a healing crisis, an occasion for self-confrontation and growth.”


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