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now is a good time to wake up

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I look into the eyes of a woman who says that this was her first go at meditating. We stand facing in each other and she beams a big smile. Is that what I’m supposed to feel? she asks after we’ve finished our first 30-minute meditation together. It felt as if out of this world. I went to breathe in and out my heart space, as you told us to, again and again. It was amazing. Thank you!

463.blogs.comDon’t thank me. All I do is say the words. Tell me, what’s going on right now? What are you aware of in your body, in this breath? That’s what matters. It’s all inside of you and it’ll change from moment to moment. There is no right way, no wrong way. Please come and sit with us again.

My inside, listen to me, the great spirit,
the Teacher, is near,
wake up, wake up!

Run to his feet–
he is standing close to your head right now.

You have slept for millions and millions of years.
Why not wake up this morning? 


Poem by Kabir  who lived in the fifteenth-century; son of a Moslem weaver in Benares; influenced by Sufi poets and Hindu ideas. source: The Kabir book. Version by Robert Bly. (1971). Boston: Beacon Press, p.13.


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