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you are a mystic

Ever had a momentary sensation that everything—I mean everything—was all right? And did so without being stoned or intoxicated? Such a moment had no goal, no purpose. You were fully present yet felt as if suspended in time and space. No effort, no striving, no making-it-happen. 

Sit still and close your eyes, exhale, listen. Let memories rise to the surface.

Perhaps it was a song, an anthem, a piece of poetry; hearing of someone rescued from disaster or reunited with lost friends; being present when a child was born or an animal died; observing a sunrise or arriving after a long journey; falling in love or being told of someone’s fondness for you; sensing God’s presence or surviving a brush with death—in short, moments when nothing matters other than that moment.

Do you recall now? 

br-davidBrother David Steindl-Rast speaks of these as mystical experiences: “We do a great disservice to mystics by putting them on a pedestal and thinking of them as unique,” he writes.

“The truth is that every human being is a special kind of mystic. I am using the word ‘mysticism’ in the strictest sense, as the experience of deep union with Ultimate Reality—those moments of blissful wholeness and harmony that break through to us every once in a while. ….

“If we want to experience full aliveness, become the mystics we are meant to be, we have to learn to open ourselves, to give ourselves to what we are doing” (italics added).   

source: Steindl-Rast, D. (2008). Common sense spirituality. New York: Crossroad Publ., p. 31.


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  1. Yes, beautifully written. I remember one moment so well. Was sitting on a moutaintop overlooking the ocean and all of a sudden, it felt as though everything I had ever longed for, all people I loved and all my dreams and desires – came rushing to me in that precise moment. It was magical. Words cannot describe that. And that present moment has only come to me once.

    Although I believe I have been in the moment whilst singing, this was one time where it was just through sitting in the stillness.
    keep up your wonderful work of life!


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