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this may come as a relief



“My life has been one long series of mistakes.”.

~ Shunryu Suzuki (1904-1971), Japanese-trained priest and teacher in the Soto Zen tradition, founder and long-time abbot of the San Francisco Zen Center.



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  1. i wonder every once and a while
    if there is a perfect way this (life) should unfold
    but our lives unfold in a series of moments
    these moments
    mistakes or not
    are ours, to each its own
    ours alone
    not-quite-perfect moments, lovely mistakes.

  2. Yes! even mistakes aren’t “ours” they’re merely mis-matches between what we/they expected and what we/they judge to be the result of certain thoughts and actions. So, in a way, there NO mistakes.

  3. suzuki roshi said:

    “As soon as you see something, you already start to intellectualize it. As soon as you intellectualize something, it is no longer what you saw.”

    i think it’s from David Chadwick (1999). “Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki. Broadway Books, New York. ISBN 0-7679-0104-5.

  4. an older friend, now dead, when i asked him about his life replied “a lifetime of missed opportunities”. How sad, I said, and quietly vowed to take every opportunity to come my way.


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