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what’s good about being humble(d)

humility.jpg“It seems that we are humbled before the great events in life. Events over which we have no power, no influence. Events that do not play fair. To be humbled like this is not meant to be punishment, but rather Death grooming us to awaken.”

source: Stephanie Erickson. (1993). Companion through the darkness: inner dialogue on grief. New York: Harper Perennial, p.69. image:


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  1. Confucianism teaches:

    The life of the moral man is plain, and yet not unattractive; it is simple, and yet full of grace; it is easy, and yet methodical.
    He knows that accomplishment of great things consists in doing little things well.
    He knows that great effects are produced by small causes. He knows the evidence and reality of what cannot be perceived by the senses.
    Thus he is enabled to enter into the world of ideas and morals.

    Confucianism. Doctrine of the Mean 33


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