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“it’s for your own good”

"celebrity chef" ramsey gets rich by continuing the tradition of verbal abuseWe held a co-workers’ farewell party this afternoon and my boss noticed my expertise at cake-cutting. Didn’t know about that talent, she said, smiling above the din of the gathering. Next thing I knew, I told her about having apprenticed as a chef in my early teens and having been abused—verbally and physically—each day for three years. At least all six apprentices were beaten equally, I added, trying to make light of the whole thing.


Where did all that come from and how did it slip out in the middle of a jolly tea party? How deep does childhood abuse run and how close to the surface does it reside after fifty years? Yikes!!


Yesterday was National Child Day in Canada: “a day to celebrate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.” Unfortunately, Canada continues to be in violation of said Convention because it has not repealed Section 43 of the Criminal Code, a 19th century provision allowing parents to hit children for the purpose of “correction.”


Visit for information on Section 43 and the UN Convention. image: “Celebrity chef” Ramsey gets rich and famous by verbally abusing hapless underlings on TV. Whoever watches this crap silently condones such behaviour. Don’t get me started …



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  1. Today I had a conversation where the person told me that they quit teaching in 1969 because the principal used to come to the door of her primary room and asked if there were any students that needed to be strapped! She also said she remembers being in grade one and seeing a little friend of her’s strapped on a regular basis in front of the other students.
    I was unaware of this disturbing behaviour carried out in our schools, in my lifetime.


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