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ways to remember dreams

Frances Vaughan is a psychologist and past-resident of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. In one of her books she offers the following which ties in with yesterday’s post:

homer“The easiest method [to remember dreams] is simply to lie quietly in bed upon waking and review the dream fragments which are still accessible before your start your routine of waking activity. Even dream fragments can be used as doorways into the unconscious. …

“A useful practice is to keep pencil and paper, a tape recorder, or laptop next to your bed in order to record your dreams immediately upon waking. You might wake up in the middle of the night, remembering a dream vividly, then go back to sleep. By morning you might well have forgotten the dream, in spite of having been sure you would remember it. … 

“Another … is to give yourself the suggestion before you go to sleep that you will remember your dreams. … In fact, dream recall is often improved simply by wanting to improve it. … Other activities … are reading books about dreams, talking to friends or family about dreams, and simply valuing your dreams.

“Dreams are metaphors of life situations, and as such you can consider them stories you are telling yourself. Because dreams seldom make logical sense, any form of dream-work involves intuitive faculties. It is best to avoid literal or cookbook interpretations of symbols appearing in your dream, since each dream image derives its meaning from the context of your life.”

source: Vaughan, F.E. (1979). Awakening intuition. New York: Anchor Books, pp. 122-124; my emphasis.


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