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taming monkey mind (cont’d)

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floodDo you ever wake up feeling that all’s well, that your life is running smoothly, that the stars are lined up just right … even for a moment? For most of my life I’ve been waking up and lying helplessly as waves of stress invaded my awareness. Instantly a list of obligations, unfinished business, worries, and sundry anxieties would fill up the blank slate of my consciousness.


These days I make a real effort to stop such negative flooding. I remind myself—often by talking aloud—that all is fresh, new, unknown. As my habitual mind starts scanning for things to worry about, I direct its attention to my breath, noting intake and exhale—each familiar and expected, yet unique and none like any other. “… got no past, got no future. But my heart is not weary, it’s light and it’s free,” Bob Dylan sings. Only now. Neither right, nor wrong, good nor bad. Just this.



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