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Every day brings news of another bank implosion and of borrowed billions for the mother of all bail-outs. Meanwhile, those responsible continue to be rewarded for their greed and incompetence. 


“[P]eople are angry about executive compensation and rightfully so,” said US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson (apparently missing the irony of his words, considering that as ex-CEO of beleaguered Goldman Sachs he “earned” tens of millions of dollars in recent years and is himself “worth” 500 million dollars). 


Almost 800 years ago, Japanese Zen Master Dogen (1200-1253) proposed “the eight awakenings of great beings” as essential ingredients for living a socially-responsible life. To know when enough is enough was the second item on his list.  It’s easy to point fingers at others … looking closer to home, I find excess and greed in my own life.



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  1. Lest my European bias gets in the way, I’m well aware that bankers are a greedy bunch everywhere, not just on Wall Street. Today’s news: financial giants Bradford & Bingley (England), Santander (Spain), and Fortis (BeNeLux) are the latest victims of mismanagement and multi-billion government bailouts (using tax-payers money).


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