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do canadians support war resisters?

A federal court judge granted a reprieve to US Iraq War resister Jeremy Hinzman and his family who were to be deported yesterday. The ruling allows them to remain in Canada until the Federal Court decides whether it will hear an appeal of a rejection of the family’s request to stay on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.


In spite of Hinzman’s four and a half years living, working and raising a family in Canada, the Harper government plans to deport him to the United States where he will likely face a court martial and a potential military jail sentence and felony conviction.


This flies in the face of the will of Canadians: 82% oppose the Iraq war (Strategic Council poll) and 64% support war resisters (Angus Reid poll). Parliament has passed a motion calling on the government to allow war resisters to stay in Canada and to cease all deportation and removal proceedings that are already underway.


For more, click here or find your own information; my sources: CBC News and


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