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at what cost Afghanistan? (a Canadian view)

According to CBC News, the number of Canadian soldiers who have served in Afghanistan is more than 13,500. Click here for a list of the 97 soldiers killed thus far, showing name, rank, photograph, unit, and date of death. The Canadian Forces has spent over $1 million on funeral services for soldiers killed in Afghanistan.


The military costs for the mission in Afghanistan is nearly $1.3 million per day. They are projected to reach about $4.3 billion by February 2009. Canada’s spending for development in Afghanistan is expected to reach $1 billion by 2011. Establishing a “legendary” donut shop (Tim Hortons) in Kandahar has cost about $1.1 million in tax-dollars for the first 12 months, according to the Department of National Defence.


According to wikipedia there have been 946 coalition deaths as of September 2, namely 581 American, 116 British, 96 Canadian, 26 German, 23 Spanish, 22 French, 17 Dutch, 16 Danish, 12 Italian, 8 Polish, 8 Romanian, 6 Australian, 3 Czech, 3 Estonian, 3 Norwegian, 2 Hungarian, 2 Portuguese, 2 Swedish, 1 Finnish, 1 Latvian, 1 Lithuanian, 1 South Korean. 


Afghan troops killed: 8,597, Afghan civilians killed: 3,485 (US-disputed figures).


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  1. from D.C.:
    Good on you, peter for including more info on our war
    Afghanistan is becoming Canada’s Iraq — i never know how political you want your blog to become.

  2. yes, how political?

    not in the sense of repeating what i hear on teevee or read on the front page, nor in promoting one politician over another. (We’re facing elections all around us: in the Excited States, here in Canada, and even on our little island where the sides are so deeply entrenched).

    as to canada’s “mission” in afghanistan, i’m motivated by the belief that killing/harming and lying/deceiving are wrong (or “unskillful,” in Buddhist parlance).


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