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a letter from way up north


Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights.


Carey Conway, a long-time adult education colleague, writes from his new home in Northern Ontario, Canada: At approximately 3 am we stood on our front porch gazing into the southern sky, taking in a shimmering curtain of light. It continued for at least another twenty minutes. Simply breath-taking!


Back to bed for a few hours, only to be greeted, at about seven, with mist on the river and a hoarfrost on the grass. As the morning sun warmed the day, the frost evaporated and the fog rose, straight up, even with the tops of the trees lining the riverbanks (easily, a hundred feet). Then the warm Dene summer day began in earnest. School kids walked around without jackets or sweaters. We’re still enjoying full daylight from 6 am to 10 pm.


Today we’re the happy recipients of a large roast of moose meat and some oven-ready fish. Our only concern, just now, is not having more meat than we can safely store. Unlike Attawapiskat we have no community freezer and our trailer is without a chest freezer.


The entire community is awaiting the final barge of the season with tons of foodstuffs too heavy to be flown in. In the meantime, we have reading and DVDs as our source of learning and entertainment. We do have “pretty high speed” internet service, via satellite; we’ve deliberately chosen to not have satellite television.


Do tell us of your world, as we’ll share with you our ‘daze’. Till next time, Carey Conway


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  1. Our ‘author’, monkeymind may have melded the above report, written a year ago from Dene country on The Mackenzie, just north of the Arctic Circle, with our report this year that we are in our “home territory” on the north shore of Lake Huron between Sault Ste Marie and Sudbury.

    How wonderful to re-live, simply in the reading that gift that was life in an isolated river community.

    ‘Til next time,

    — Carey


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