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Aha-lights went on when I woke up this morning. Two days ago I reported that feeling attracted to a woman had brought up fears of having to cease grieving for another, of being unfaithful to “my first love … and my last” (as Leonard Cohen sings).

How easy it is to default to dualities, to see the world in terms of either/or. As two readers reminded me, we always have the choice of seeing two (or more) things as mere components of something much larger … instead of as narrow opposites, as items in collision. So when I view this chance encounter as an opportunity to learn and cast both women in the role of teachers, then everything opens widely and fear dissolves. To that I vow to be faithful.


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  1. ahh, another breath

  2. my experience teaches me that attraction to someone has a purpose, most often that we have something to learn from the connection.


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