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“psychosocial care of the dying & bereaved” (course)

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Victoria Hospice is once more offering this one-week intensive from September 15 to 19 in Victoria, BC, Canada. Click here for the full brochure and application form.  


The course presents a psychosocial perspective on hospice/palliative care including self care and team issues, the impact of disease transitions and holistic care, counselling and bereavement support. The teaching staff comprises members of the Victoria Hospice psychosocial team along with professionals from allied agencies.


The program, now in its 12th year, is aimed at counsellors and social workers in acute, geriatric or community care; hospice/palliative care physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals; hospice bereavement coordinators or program coordinators; counsellors, social workers and spiritual care providers who are new to hospice palliative care.

p.s.: I work as spiritual care practitioner at Victoria Hospice and will be attending this course; also teaching sections on using ritual in end-of-life care and on mindfulness meditation techniques.


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  1. hi peter –

    i would be interested in hearing more about what you teach on the use of ritual in end-of-life care and mindfulness techniques.

    also – i am interested in the dharma work in prisons and have located networks in the US but haven’t been able to find anything locally in BC — would you know of anything?

    as always – thank you

  2. don’t know of anyone doing prison dharma work in BC (will keep my eyes open and please post if you find anything).

    In the US, I know of Dharma Rain in Portland (OR) and Zen Mountain Monastery (NY) who’ve been active in this field for years.

    Still working on the ritual piece and welcome any suggestions of how to make it interesting/experiential for 50+ people in 90 minutes.


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